Saba Douglas-Hamilton

Conservationist, award-winning TV presenter, anthropologist, author and public speaker

Most recently, Saba has announced her third UK tour following her 10 part series with the BBC – This Wild Life that was broadcast on BBC Two. Filmed over a period of six months, this fascinating observational-documentary followed Saba and her family as they move to the remote north of Kenya to run a high-end eco-lodge called Elephant Watch Camp, and continue with their conservation work at Save the Elephants in Samburu National Reserve. As the engaging presenter of an earlier three part BBC series about Samburu, The Secret Life of Elephants, broadcast to more than 4.2 million viewers, Saba became well known as the face of her father’s charity, Save the Elephants.

Saba Douglas-Hamilton interviewed

Born and raised in Kenya by her zoologist father and author mother, her total immersion in African culture and wildlife, together with a first class degree in Social Anthropology, made her a compelling and knowledgeable presenter on the BBC’s hugely successful Big Cat Diaries and Wild series. She has also produced, directed and presented a wide variety of programmes for the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, winning multiple awards for Heart of a Lioness and Saba and the Rhino’s Secret. Her documentary series Unknown Africa shone a light on the African continent with features on Angola, the Comoros Islands and the Central African Republic.

Saba was also a popular presenter on the BBC Holiday programme, taking viewers to adventurous, exotic locations like Brunei, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Antarctica.

Saba Douglas-Hamilton – Elephant With A Broken Leg

Having served as a trustee of Save the Elephants for a decade, and tirelessly committed to the conservation of African wildlife and the rights of its traditional people, Saba’s passion and insight make her a captivating and animated public speaker. She has spoken worldwide on topics ranging from animal consciousness and biodiversity to HIV and peace negotiations in Kenya, and is a regular guest speaker at the Royal Geographical Society where she is a Fellow.

Saba Douglas-Hamilton – The Elephant In The Bedroom

Saba Douglas-Hamilton – This Wild Life


Pictures courtesy of: Roy Borghouts, Frank Pope, Gavin Thurston, Tony Whitton, Sam Gracey