Dr Tara Shine

TV presenter, writer & public speaker

Tara Shine.jpeg

Dr Tara Shine is an expert in the field of climate change. She approaches the subject as an environmental scientist and from the perspective of the impacts of climate change on people. Her focus is on solutions that are fair and that work for all people whether they are rich or poor.

Tara advises world leaders, governments, multilateral agencies and civil society organisations on climate change, environmental policy and development assistance. She knows the inside world of the international climate change negotiations as well as the role that business and politics play in the complex geopolitics of climate change and biodiversity conservation.

Not content to work for change from behind a desk or in international conferences, Tara enjoys getting out into the wild to explore these issues first hand. At home in any environment Tara enjoys meeting people and getting their real world analysis of the challenges they face.

Tara presented the technology episode of Brave New World with Stephen Hawking in 2011. This science documentary television mini-series examines how science is striving for humankind's next leap forward. The technology episode was filmed in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi and featured cutting edge renewable energy technology and electric cars.

Tara was also a presenter on one of the BBC's most ambitious projects Expedition Borneo, where she was part of the expedition team that explored previously uncharted territory in search of new wildlife species. Tara focused on the people wildlife interactions and the underlying causes of biodiversity loss including deforestation and illegal logging.

Tara’s story of discovery in West Africa was the subject of an acclaimed BBC2 Natural World Documentary, Lost Crocodiles of the Pharaohs. It captures Tara’s personal journey and her discovery of Nile Crocodiles in Mauritania, where the experts said they could not exist.

After 4 years fully engaged in international policy making in the fields of sustainable development and climate change, Tara is keen to bring these insights to a broader audience.  Tara’s wealth of knowledge and real world experiences from the local to the truly global, make her a sought after specialist TV presenter and engaging public speaker.