Lloyd & Rose Buck

Expert bird handlers and wildlife presenters

Lloyd and his wife Rose, are passionate about birds and have been acknowledged as world experts at tracking and in-flight filming with birds for more than two decades. As skilled avian behaviourists and handlers, they specialise in hand raising, imprinting and training all types of birds from starlings and geese to peregrine falcons and eagles for feature films, documentaries, drama, commercials and photography projects. They have a team of trained birds for filming on location and in studios, as well as frequently training new birds for specific commissions, productions and feature films. In Spring 2018, Lloyd and Rose completed their first new theatre show called Our Life with Birds.

Their hugely popular peregrine falcons have most recently featured on Natural World: Super Fast Falcon on BBC Two in May 2018. Their birds have also featured on BBC One's Life in the Air as well as Animal Planet and Crossing the Line films for Irish Cities on RTE. Their recent credits include Sir David Attenborough – Conquest of the Skies, Attenborough’s Life Stories: Understanding the Natural World, In search of Colour for the BBC, Carol Vorderman – The Flying Engineer for the BBC, Nature’s Weirdest for the BBC, Poldark for the BBC and Super Powered Owls for BBC Natural World. They’ve also featured in music videos for the band Stornoway, adverts for Freederm, the RSPB and Samsung and even a new film for Disney.

Lloyd & Rose Buck – For The Birds

Earlier credits include Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature, the Wallander TV series, BBC Three’s The Fades, Deadly 60 and Live and Deadly as well as a host of other amazing wildlife programmes and feature films.

Lloyd Buck – Meet My Planet

Lloyd and Rose are no strangers to appearing in front of the camera. He is well known to viewers as a bird expert and regular contributor to BBC One’s The One Show and the popular Autumnwatch and and Springwatch programmes.  He also appeared in the TV movie documentary Joanna Lumley: The Search for Noah’s Ark and in the ground-breaking series The Animal’s Guide to Britain.  Other on-screen performances included the action-packed science adventure film The Falcon that flew with ManBlue Peter, and the fascinating British wildlife series, Will Work for Nuts

Their archive footage library is available at Birds in Slow Motion.


Pictures courtesy of: John Waters.