Steve Backshall - Extreme Mountain Challenge on BBC Two

Adventurer and naturalist Steve Backshall embarks on one of the most dramatic and dangerous expeditions filmed by a BBC crew - to explore Venezuela’s tepuis, the ancient, sheer-sided mountains of Canaima National Park.

With a team of expert rock climbers, Steve attempts the first ascent of a remote, unclimbed tepui to search for wildlife on the summit. The month-long expedition will see Steve and the team scaling untouched mountain cliffs, caving inside the tepuis and abseiling off the highest waterfall in the world. Along the way, the team battle against freak weather, rock fall and some very dangerous wildlife. 

Transmission Dates: 

Sunday 6th March at 8:00pm 

Monday 7th March at 11:15pm (Repeat) 

Sunday 13th March at 8:00pm 

Monday 14th March at 11.15pm (Repeat)