Steve Backshall

Adventurer, natural history TV presenter, public speaker and author

One of television’s busiest presenters, BAFTA award-winning wildlife expert Steve Backshall has been passionate about the wild world ever since he could crawl. Steve has most recently been on our screens on Channel 5’s Hedgehog A&E and is currently filming Wild Alaska Live for the BBC. In April this year, Steve recieved critical acclaim for his canoeing expedition down the Baliem River in the island of New Guinea, Down The Mighty River (BBC). Previous to this, Steve was on our screens in the two-part series Extreme Mountain Challenge (BBC) and the two-part series Fierce (ITV).  In 2016 Steve co-presented the hugely successful series Big Blue Live (BBC, PBS) live from Monterey, California . He also completed his expedition to Venezuela on behalf of the BBC as well a set of performances on Strictly Come Dancing (BBC). Steve also fronts the CBBC Deadly series’, travelling the world to film Deadly Pole to Pole, Deadly 60, Live and Deadly, Deadly 360, Deadly on a Mission and most recently, Backshall’s Deadly Adventures. In 2011 Steve was recognised with a BAFTA award for The Best Children’s Television Presenter for his work on Deadly 60, as well as the series itself being honoured with a BAFTA for The Best Factual Series.

Steve Backshall Mount Asgard Baffin Island

Steve’s extreme adventures also include being part of the Lost Land of the Tiger, Lost Land of the Volcano and the Lost Land of the Jaguar (BBC). He made the first decent into an unexplored sinkhole for BBC One’s Emmy Nominated epic Expedition Borneo and trekked to the heart of America’s most inhospitable terrain for Discovery’s Expedition Alaska. Closer to home, Steve has presented Britain’s Lost World, Extreme Caving, Inside Out, The One Show, The Nature of Britain and The Really Wild Show.

Steve Backshall – Deadly 60 – Awesome King Cobra

Steve is also a prolific author, having published 13 books. His most recent novel, Shark Seas, is the fourth in his children’s adventure series The Falcon Chronicles which so far comprises of Tiger Wars, Ghosts of the Forest and Wilds of the Wolf. He has also produced non-fiction; Looking for Adventure chronicles Steve’s expeditions in New Guinea and Mountain is an account of his most breath-taking climbing adventures.

Steve is a proud ambassador for The Scouts and the Get Outside champion for Ordinance Survey. Steve has also released an exciting new range of outdoor gear for kids with Mountain Warehouse. 

Earlier this year, and following the success of Steve’s Wild World Live UK Tour, Steve returned from his Deadly 60 Live Tour of Australia. Steve is hugely popular with young television audiences who are both terrified and delighted to watch his encounters with extraordinary and inspiring predators. This success lead to Deadly Days Out, a BBC series of events bringing live animals to locations across the UK as well as several sell out tours; the biggest single day had an estimated 14,000 people and over the last few years Steve has talked live to over 300,000 people. Steve is an old-fashioned action hero whose leisure pursuits include mountaineering, kayaking, scuba diving, martial arts and endurance running, which together with his unsurpassed wildlife knowledge, make him a compelling and motivational speaker for a multitude of audiences.

Steve Backshall – Big Blue Live – Live interview interrupted by a blue whale


Pictures courtesy of: Adam White, Martin Hartley.