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Blue Planet Live - Liz Bonnin and Steve Backshall on BBC One this Sunday

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Steve Backshall, Liz Bonnin and Chris Packham kick off an exciting new live series to explore the health of our oceans and its wildlife, broadcasting thousands of miles from across the planet to find out how marine life is coping in the face of increasing environmental pressure.

Over in the Bahamas, Steve will be in shark heaven as he drops anchor to take the plunge live with some enormous ocean predators. An encounter with the impressive tigershark offers some clues to the success of their species. 

On the fragile Great Barrier Reef, Liz sets up base at a research station where state-of-the-art coral experiments try to find solutions to ensure the Reef’s survival in the face of environmental threats. This is a prime moment to meet the colourful characters that live on the delicate coral and the perfect time to follow the trials and tribulations of new-born turtles living on the island.