Steve Leonard and Vim Kumaratunga - Trust Me, I'm A Vet

Trust Me, I'm A Vet 

Confirmed for BBC Two on 3 May at 8pm to 9pm

There are almost 60 million pets in the UK* and, from flea collars and worm treatments to vaccinations and vet bills, pet owners now spend tens of billions of pounds a year on their health. But what do our pets really need to have a long and healthy life?

Your pet can’t tell you - but science can. In this new series, a team of practising vets use the latest veterinary research, access to world-leading experts and brand new science to seek out the very best advice for taking care of your pet. 

In this episode, Steve Leonard investigates the latest research into mineral content in pet food, and discovers that many fail to meet guidelines. Steve finds out whether feeding these foods to your pet over the long term could lead to health problems and uncovers what pet owners can do about it.

An astonishing 80 percent of cats and dogs have gum disease, which can lead to serious health issues - so to tackle the problem, Judy Puddifoot runs a unique experiment to find the best way to keep your pet’s teeth clean. Alice Rhodes demonstrates how to save your pet’s life if it’s hit by a car - a few simple steps at the scene of the accident can make a big difference to their chance of survival.

And Vim Kumaratunga uncovers the latest techniques to avoid a serious bone disease that affects over half of all pet reptiles. As well as feeding them a calcium-rich diet and providing the right heat and lighting conditions, Vim uncovers the latest research on a type of UV light that could help avoid the disease completely.

Each episode of the series will be based at one of the country’s leading vet schools. This episode comes from the Royal Veterinary College, near London.

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