Liz Bonnin - Galapagos


Presented by Liz Bonnin

Ground-breaking series premieres on BBC1 on 30 March at 9pm

Join Liz Bonnin and an expert team of international scientists as they embark on a once in a lifetime mission of discovery across the magical Galapagos Islands. Retracing the footsteps of Charles Darwin on board a 21st century research and exploration vessel equipped with the latest technology, this series offers a captivating new look at one of the most important natural wonders on Earth. 

In episode 1 Liz Bonnin and a team of scientists embark on a mission to an active volcano in search of the elusive pink iguana. A submersible then takes them on the deepest dive ever carried out in the Galapagos Islands in search of new species and finally they see how new science is helping to unlock the mystery of how the marine iguanas are adapting to survive.

Episode 2 will broadcast on BBC1 6 April at 9.00pm & Episode 3 will broadcast on BBC1 13 April at 9.00pm



SERIES DIRECTOR: Mike Davis - EDITOR: Dom Lester  

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Robert Hollingworth & Julius Brighton

POST PRODUCTION: Picture: Clear Cut / Sound: Halo Post

Galapagos is an Atlantic Productions Film in co-production with Alucia Productions for BBC