Hazen Audel

TV presenter, biologist, natural history guide, public speaker, artist & craftsman

Hazen's major series for the National Geographic channel, Primal Survivor, is currently transmitting in the USA and has returned to the UK for it's second series. Following the success of the original and groundbreaking Survive the Tribe (2014), Primal Survivor documents Hazen's adventures living and working alongside some of the most remote indigenous communities on our planet.

Hazen is a Kootenai and Salish Native American and Greek by descent. Born and raised in Spokane, Washington,  Hazen has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biology and went on to post graduate studies at the University of Hawaii, specialising in ethno botany, cultural use of natural resources, Meso-Indian traditional hunting practices and tropical ecology. He also has a Masters degree in teaching from Whitworth University, Washington.

A natural communicator, Hazen enjoys sharing his love of nature and adventure. In 2002, Hazen founded The Wild Classroom, a non-profit online web-series offering teachers and students quality, natural history educational videos for use in the classroom and home. As well, Hazen loves sharing his passions for nature hands-on, directly and personally: he has been a high school biology teacher for over 10 years, worked as a wilderness instructor and guide for organisations such as Outward Bound Outdoor School, Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) and has been organising and leading his own guided trips to such places as the Amazon, Central America and the South Pacific since he graduated from High school.

Hazen Audel - Zealous Explorer

Hazen is a talented artist and craftsman. From technical botanical illustration to sculpture to designing and building architectural installation pieces for residential and commercial projects, his work and craftsmanship is praised for its blend of aesthetics and utilitarianism.

With his many enthusiasms and unique worldwide travel experiences, combined with his extrovert personality and teaching background, Hazen is a popular choice as a presenter and guest speaker. His fun, interactive talks, illustrated with stills and videos of his astounding adventures are both entertaining and educational.

Hazen Audel – Survive The Tribe