Gillian Burke


Gillian is a biologist with an eye and an ear for drama and storytelling.  After a number of guest appearances on the ‘Watches’, Gillian joined Chris Packham & Michaela Strachan for Springwatch 2018 as a regular presenter doing live roving reports, from Shetland to Cornwall, for this much-loved BBC show. 

The year so far has also been a busy year for her voice-over work - recording the narration for the series, Africa’s Hunters for Plimsoll Productions, Superpigs for Humblebee Productions and a 90-minute ‘Making-of’ special for Disneynature’s Dolphin World for Silverback productions.  She is also becoming a regular contributor to BBC Wildlife Magazine with recent features appearing in the January and June issues this year.

She is now looking ahead to Autumnwatch 2018 which will broadcast live from New England.

Gillian Burke Showreel

Gillian may be a bright new face to TV presenting but she's no stranger to broadcasting.  Having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Bristol University, Gillian pursued a career in natural history filmmaking, working her way up the ranks from Researcher to Producer/Director on several Animal Planet and Discovery Channel series.

She is passionate about sharing her love of the natural world through film, and is a particular champion of the animals most people love to loathe. Her film credits hint at her reputation for being happy to work with the outcasts of the animal kingdom – from Ultimate Guide to Spiders & Ants for Discovery Channel; to King Cobra! & Anaconda! for Animal Planet’s Snakemaster series; to the ground-breaking, and one of the highest grossing IMAX films to date, Bugs! 3D – this is literally as big as it gets for a film about insects!

Her filming experience has had her herding llamas in the high Andes to free-diving with swarms of sea snakes in the South China Sea; from crawling through rattlesnake dens in the Arizona desert to climbing a living, writhing mountain of cockroaches & centipedes in a bat cave in Borneo. 

Gillian has lived and worked in four of the five continents and with African, Native American, European, Asian, Polynesian and Oriental ancestry, she has genuine claims to world citizenship.

Gillian is proud to be born in Kenya, where she was blessed with a feral childhood spent barefoot and crouched in makeshift hides intently watching for birds and other wildlife.  At the age of 10, her family moved to Vienna, Austria. Although the ‘bush-to-ballet’ contrast could not have been starker, she loved and embraced her new, cultured life but never lost her natural curiosity and passion for the natural world.

Gillian lives by the sea where she enjoys paddle-boarding, snorkeling and kayaking.  She is a competent skier, horse-rider and qualified PADI-Advanced diver and is currently on her way to qualifying for the HSE Media Divers certification. Gillian loves her all-weather outdoor fitness and strength training, where she is pursuing an arguably misplaced ambition to improve her Olympic lifting technique.  She also does a weekly voice ‘work out’ with a Gospel Choir where she sings in the soprano section and solos.